Nassau Suffolk Irrigation & Design provides the help you need to maintain a healthy, green and beautiful landscape.

Properly installed irrigation systems are one of the best investments for your home's curb appeal.

Nassau Suffolk Irrigation & Design offers a wide variety of services for homeowners with existing lawn sprinkler systems.

Annual maintenance is required to protect from freeze damage, to maintain water efficiency and to extend the life of irrigation systems.

Service, Maintenance and Parts

  • Spring Start Up:  We open up all water and electrical sources and check the proper operation of your rain sensor. We check and adjust your sprinkler heads to ensure they are operating properly, program the water timer clock, check all sprinkler lines and manifolds for leaks.

  • Winterizations: Freezing temperatures can cause damage to your irrigation system. We close all water and electrical sources properly and use an air compressor to blow all water out of the underground sprinkler lines which prevents water from freezing and damaging the lines.

  • Summer Inspections: Adjust the water timer to avoid over or under watering.Check and adjust sprinkler heads and drip irrigation for plant growth.

  • Backflow Tests: Backflow prevention test to ensure that the backflow preventer device is preventing any irrigation water, which might contain chemicals, from back-siphoning into drinking water. 

  • Installation: We use state-of-the-art pipe-laying equipment with minimal lawn disruption.

  • Controller - Water Timer
     To set watering times and days. The easy-to-use interface is designed to make the lawn watering process easy.

  • Rain Sensors
    Alerts your system to stop irrigating when it is raining.

  • Rotary Head
     Provides a rotating spray of water to cover a larger area.

  • Drip Irrigation
     To drip water where plants are using a series of tubes containing small holes at placed intervals.

Nassau Suffolk Irrigation & Design is fully licensed and insured and is an authorized service

company for all Hunter Sprinkler products.