I'm a newbie to long island as I was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. This landscaping thing is new to me since I did not have much grass in Brooklyn. I had a local franchise sprinkler company look at my system and they told me I needed to spend $700 to fix it ???!!! Chris happened to be at a near by neighbor after I got this incredible quote so I walked over and asked him to take a look. Chris told me I needed a $40 labor fix and a 25 cent replacement part.
I was so happy I could not believe my luck in finding Nassau Suffolk Irrigation that day. I already recommended him to my son ...who hates getting ripped off as much as me. I would recommend Chris Gartelman to anyone member or friend !!
Charlie B.
Westbury, NY
July 2012
When I called Chris from Nassau Suffolk Irrigation to look at my old and broken system I was sure he was going to insist I need a new one. As he walked around my house to diagnose the problems he found three major leaks and more problems with the heads. To my surprise he fixed all the problem and charged me a reasonable price. I wanted to write this review so I could help Chris' business. Anyone this fair and honest should be recognized.
Richie B.
Elmont, NY
May 2012


I have been using Nassau Suffolk Irrigation for almost 6 years now and have been meaning to write a review since my first year. I first found Chris Gartelman, the owner, when I needed landscape design work around my new pool. I had no idea what I wanted and asked Chris for his advice. I would of just hated to make a wrong decision when I don’t know what to do. He knew I did not want to go overboard but I did want to get a lot of bang for my buck. He could not of been nicer in helping me and after proposing a few basic layout options to choose from he asked if I would go to a local nursery with him so I could see the plantings that he was recommending.  It was so professional of him to spend that time with me and basically guide me thru the process step by step.... Once I saw the actual plantings and his different design options I knew right away what I wanted. Chris is very smart to guide me and make me a loyal customer who will recommend him in a literal heartbeat.  After that job was done my husband asked him to look at our sprinker system which has been have issues for years . We had other quotes that only wanted to rip out the existing system and charge us dearly for a new one. We were expecting another a big quote for a brand new system.  He looked over the system and said he could salvage it. The price was very reasonable and the system was as good as new when he was done.  My husband could not of been happier and needless to say we only use him for all of our landscaping and irrigation needs as does our friends and family!!

Annmaria  R.
Lindenhurst, NY
March 2012

I have been using Nassau Suffolk for 3 years and I am alway impressed by the company's work ethic and integrity.
My prior company would nickle and dime me on everthing they did and would not stand by their work. Chris who is the
owner of Nassau Suffolk stands by his work and cares about his reputation. I highly recommend this company and
I wish I found them sooner.
Wantagh, NY
October, 2011